March 2002 | CMCD1001

This album represents the new breed of electronic pop, featuring many of today's rising synthpop stars from around the globe as well as some new bands that will be making their presence felt in the near future. The tracks here illustrate the great variety the synthpop genre has to offer, ranging from melancholy to uplifting in mood, laid-back to energetic in tempo, and retro to modern in sound. The common elements are that all of the songs selected for this release are exclusive, original, and of the highest quality. "Evolution" is the debut release from Cohaagen Music, and shows the promise of things to come from the label.

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1. Ganymede "The Final Year [Club Mix]"
2. The Mourning After "Listen to My Heart [Ninthwave Mix]"
3. Soviet "Bank Holiday"
4. Nukleon"Sometimes"
5. Freezepop "Tender Lies [Single Version]"
6. Gary Flanagan "Summertime"
7. ElectroSquad "Dorian Gray"
8. Raindancer "I Believe in You"
9. Axoe "The Well"
10. Empire State Human "Post Madonna"
11. Strange Angels "(You Make Me Feel) Alive [Ganymede Mix]"
12. Blind Before Dawn "Angel with Broken Wing [eloquent mix]"
13. Karacter "Marathon"
14. The Mystic Underground "Oxygen"
15. Simulator "Moments Away"