May 2002 | CMCD1002

Simulator is the most exciting electronic musician to have hit the scene in recent memory, creating powerful music that spans the gap between dark synthpop and melodic EBM. The project of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's Ross W. Beall, simulator has already found himself in high demand as a remix artist as well as a live keyboardist, having played with the popular futurepop band Lost Signal, among others.

Featuring 12 solid tracks of precision-crafted electronic perfection, the CD also features guest vocals on several songs by Frank J. Freda of the acclaimed synthpop band Brand New Idol. Overall, this is one album destined to please fans across the entire spectrum of electronic music.

External links:
"Enter the Unknown" on iTunes

1. Enlighten
2. Revelation
3. Divided*
4. Progression
5. Regression
6. Illusion
7. The Ghost of You*
8. Dark Horizon
9. Realm
10. Nevermore
bonus tracks
11. Revelation - Epiphany Mix*
12. Regression - Lunavox Mix+

*featuring Frank J. Freda of Brand New Idol
+featuring Rachel Cicci