August 2002 | CMCD1003

Fr/action is a new technopop artist that brings a style of its own to the genre. Combining the best elements of electro, EBM, and synthpop, Fr/action specializes in dark melodies, tight sequences, and beats ready to explode on the dance floor.

Cohaagen Music is proud to present Fr/action's acclaimed debut album, Crimes of the Future. With lyrics that take you on a journey of vigilantism, street crime, and nocturnal urban decay, the CD is a concept album that contains many songs with the potential to become future club staples.

The second pressing, which was presented as a 2CD set including the "Vigilante E.P." bonus disc with 5 exclusive tracks, has now sold out. The single-disc version of the album is now available again. However, everyone who purchases it is entitled to access to the free Fr/action download area, which includes all of the "Vigilante E.P." tracks in MP3 form. (Please email with your name and address, along with the UPC code on the CD and where you purchased it, and we will email you info on how to access the download area!)

External links:
Fr/action official site
"Crimes of the Future" on iTunes

CD1 "Crimes of the Future"

1. King of the Streets (Part 1)
2. Vigilante
3. Crime Pays
4. Guardian
5. Death Wish
6. Rolling Thunder
7. Revolver
8. Corrupt
9. Inner Being
10. King of the Streets (Part 2)

"Vigilante E.P."

1. Vigilante (Single Mix)
2. City Nights
3. Guardian (Club Mix)
4. Street Law
5. Vigilante (Electro Mix)