October 2002 | CMCD1004

Gary Flanagan’s debut album on Cohaagen Music, "Future Fashion," is a sincere and authentic ode to the classic analog electro sound of yore, with enough freshness to make it relevant and hip in today’s electronic music scene. From the snarling bass line and LinnDrum attack of “Nightclub” to the bubbly optimism of "We Have the Dance Floor to Ourselves” and the stark dance potential of the French electro-rap “Metro Boulot Dodo,” Gary’s album adeptly looks to both the past and the future of electronic music.

The album was produced by Ganymede and contains completely new versions of several of Gary Flanagan’s popular demo tracks, as well as new songs co-composed with Ganymede. Also included are two club-ready remixes by fellow Cohaagen artists Fr/action and Simulator.

External links:
Gary Flanagan official site
"Future Fashion" on iTunes


1. Nightclub
2. We Have the Dance Floor to Ourselves
3. Metro Boulot Dodo
4. Dancing to a Modern Beat
5. Despite All Our Worries
6. Summertime
7. French in Action
8. Super-8
9. All We Are
10. Every Friday Night
bonus tracks
11. Metro Boulot Dodo (Fr/action Mix]
12. Nightclub [Simulator Mix]