September 2003 | CMCD1006

Space and Time is the highly anticipated third album by analog electropop masters GANYMEDE. Once more, they seamlessly combine the past, present, and future of electronic music to create ten new infectious, sophisticated synthetic pop gems. With Space and Time, Ganymede again establishes itself as one of the most original and consistent artists in the electronic underground with this latest refinement of their trademark analog sound.

Every copy of the CD includes an enhanced bonus disc with exclusive tracks, club-friendly remixes, and CD-ROM content including a music video and PC game.

The first edition of Space and Time is now sold out, but the album is still available on iTunes and may come back in print some time in the future.

External links:
Ganymede official website
Ganymede on iTunes


Still available on iTunes

1 Frequency 1000
2 Daylight
3 One Last Try
4 Hong Kong
5 Missing
6 Maybe Forever
7 Distance
8 Space and Time
9 Eternal
10 The Way I Feel

Bonus Disc:
1 Departure
2 Distance (Fr/action Mix)
3 Hong Kong (Blow-up Mix)
4 Daylight (Nukleon Mix)
5 Maybe Forever (Drug of Choice Mix)
6 Missing (Raindancer Mix)
7 One Last Try (Lost Gospels Mix)
8 Eternal (Axoe Mix)
9 Messages

Bonus disc CD-ROM content includes "Daylight" video, "Eternal" PC video game and complete lyrics.