August 2004 | CMCD1007

The technopop vigilante is back! Fr/action's new album, Last Man Standing, is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the 2002 debut, Crimes of the Future. The story resumes shortly after a nuclear holocaust has decimated the urban battleground of the first album. Now, The Vigilante finds himself fighting for survival in a new and violent post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Musically, Last Man Standing presents an ultra-polished perfection of Fr/action's signature style. Crimes of the Future became a favorite of DJs across the realms of electro, EBM, and synthpop, and Last Man Standing takes this genre synthesis to even greater heights. Propulsive beats fuse with precision-crafted electronics and cinematic lyrics to create an intense, double-barreled dancefloor assault.

Last Man Standing also contains two action packed CD-ROM bonus videos (you can stream smaller versions of them from the menu at right), and is presented in a deluxe Digipak. It secures Fr/action's reputation as one of the most exciting and conceptually innovative artists of its kind today.

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Fr/action official site
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1. Fade In
2. Aftermath
3. The Living and The Dead
4. New Flesh
5. Partners in Crime
6. Interceptor
7. Walking the Edge
8. Irreversible
9. Ground Zero
10. Fade Out

Bonus Videos:
1. Partners in Crime
2. Vigilante