March 2006 | CMCD1008

Founded in Brisbane, Australia, in 1993, Tycho Brahe produces electronic pop music that harks back to the '80s glory days of synthpop luminaries such as New Order, Human League, Depeche Mode, and Giorgio Moroder. A regular fixture on their local live music scene, the band uses vintage electronic gadgetry to defiantly produce danceworthy rockin' synth tunes with a blatant disregard for the latest fads and fashions in the FM pop fodder world.

The new album "Atlantic" is the band's first release on Cohaagen, and is the follow up to their critically lauded debut album "Cassiopeia" (2000) and the remix album "Tasty" (2001), and captures the band's gamut of styles, from uptempo classic synthpop, to moody atmospherics, to grinding synth rock.

"Atlantic" contains eleven new superbly produced recordings including a cover version of the Human League's classic "Marianne", and also includes as a bonus a club remix of the song "Avarice", previously available only as a limited edition Australian single.

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1. It's Not Enough
2. Don't Feel That Way
3. Throwaway Fashion
4. Sanctify
5. Free
6. Avarice
7. Military Option
8. Laconia
9. Marianne
10. Seventeen
11. Empty Days
12. Avarice (Special K Stompy Club Mix)