June 2003 | CMDVD101

Many of the biggest names in the underground synth scene have come together for this special DVD compilation, the debut DVD release from Cohaagen Music. From animated love stories to dark journeys through city nightlife, the videos on this fully interactive DVD attach some of the most memorable electronic pop of recent years to equally evocative imagery. Featured bands include indie electro darlings Soviet and Freezepop, synthpop veterans Brave New World, Neuroactive and Cosmicity, as well as hot newcomers Blow-up, T.H.E.M., Axoe and Nukleon.

The DVD features band discographies, bios, uncompressed audio, remastered video and audio, and full motion menus. Some of the bands have even recorded commentary tracks exclusively for this DVD release!


1. Soviet - “Commute”
2. Freezepop - “Stakeout”
3. Blow-up - “Fly With Me”
4. Nasa - “Back to Square One”
5. Cosmicity - “Technology”
6. ElectroSquad - “Envy”
7. NukleoN - “Homewrecker”
8. Moulin Noir - “Maria Calling”
9. Ganymede - “Daylight”
10. Neuroactive - “Space Divider”
11. T.H.E.M. - “Here We Go”
12. Neuropa - “Lifeline”
13. Fr/action - “Vigilante”
14. B!Machine - “In Thrall”
15. Null Device - “The Sad Truth”
16. Gary Flanagan - “Summertime”
17. Axoe - “Calling”
18. Blue Audio - “This Is the Way”
19. The Peoples - “Kaleidoscoping Eyes”
20. Brave New World - “Drug” (live)