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JANUARY 1, 2006
Happy New Year from Cohaagen Music! 2006 will be a busier year for us on the release front than 2005 was, with a schedule that will tentatively include albums by TYCHO BRAHE and GANYMEDE, plus a new single from FR/ACTION and our long-awaited GIORGIO MORODER tribute CD. We'll provide you with the details as we get them.


In GANYMEDE news, we made a live recording of last night's show in New York City. We've put the recordings of "City Dweller" and "One Last Try" online for your enjoyment, which you can download for free from the official website.

The next Ganymede-related performance will be on January 19th in the trendy Williamsburg section of Brooklyn. Due to a scheduling conflict, Dave won't be able to make it, but Patrick will do a solo performance of Ganymede tracks and other material. Ganymede will be performing again in New York on March 24 alongside Freezepop, so stay tuned for more information.


On the FR/ACTION front, we've added two new remixes to the "Exclusive" section of the official website. The first one is a cool mix of "Inner Being" by Scar Chemik. The other is the first entry in our "The Living And The Dead" remix contest, which is a great effort by The Garland Cult (a new side project of Empire State Human). The bar has been set, do you think you can do better? If so, submit your remix today! For more info on the contest, as well as to listen to the remixes, please visit the Fr/action website.

DECEMBER 12, 2005
The entire Cohaagen catalog is now available for download on iTunes and other popular online music services! Those who have been waiting to complete their collections can now find Simulator, Gary Flanagan, the Evolution compilation and the first Fr/action album online. Here are the links to all seven Cohaagen CD releases on iTunes:

Fr/action "Crimes of the Future" on iTunes
Gary Flanagan "Future Fashion" on iTunes
Various Artists "Evolution" on iTunes
Simulator "Enter the Unknown" on iTunes
Fr/action "Last Man Standing" on iTunes
Nukleon "Earth Rising" on iTunes
Ganymede "Space and Time" on iTunes


In other news, there are three Cohaagen shows planned for December and January in Pittsburgh and New York. Here are the details, be sure to check them out!

FR/ACTION, Surviving the Odyssey, XL & Nomad live
Friday, December 16, 9:30 pm
Howler's Coyote Cafe
4509 Liberty Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15224
21 & over - $5

New Year's Eve with GANYMEDE
Also Plowing Mud Forever, 4D Sea, The Pragmatics, Benlavain, and American Popular
Saturday, December 31st, 8 p.m.
Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich Street at Rector
New York, NY
$10.00 21+ w/ID Admitted
Doors open at 8pm; Ganymede plays first shortly thereafter

GANYMEDE live in Williamsburg
Thursday, January 19th, 11 p.m.
The Lucky Cat
245 Grand St.
Brooklyn, NY
$8.00 18+
More info forthcoming


Also, as an update on our upcoming TYCHO BRAHE release, we'd like to report that the final master was laid down last week by one of Australia's leading mastering engineers. Atlantic is now on track for a release in early February of 2006. Pre-ordering information will be available soon.


OCTOBER 26, 2005
We'd like to announce not one, but two Halloween performances by FR/ACTION in Cleveland and Pittsburgh! Here are the details, be sure not to miss it:

Fr/action live in Cleveland, OH
Also: Razed in Black, More Machine Than Man, Chiasm
Saturday, October 29th, 9:00 PM
Phantasy Nightclub
11802 Detroit Ave, 1 block west of w117th

Fr/action live in Pittsburgh, PA
Also: Xanopticon, Styles for Modern Living, Syne Lapse Variate,
Sunday, October 30th, 8:00 PM
Garfield Artworks
4931 Penn Avenue


We're also excited to announce a remix contest for Fr/action's "The Living And The Dead"! All entries will be featured in the Exclusive section of the Fr/action website, and the winning remix (to be selected by us) will be featured on a bonus disc with the next Fr/action album.

For complete info, as well as to download the isolated vocal track, please visit Fr/action HQ. Thank you for your participation, and good luck!


Also, we'd like to thank everyone who turned out for last weekend's Ganymede show at the Pussycat Lounge in New York. The show was a smashing success, with a nice audience at a nice venue. To check out a picture from the show, please visit the official Ganymede website.

OCTOBER 21, 2005
Cohaagen Music is proud to announce, at long last, another addition to the Cohaagen roster! The lucky band in question are Australian synthpop heroes TYCHO BRAHE, who join us following their successful self-release of the CDs "Cassiopeia" and "Tasty".

We will be releasing their new album, "Atlantic", later this year. The CD finds its roots in the circa 1990 classic synthpop sound, reminiscent of albums such as New Order's "Technique", Depeche Mode's "Violator", or Boxcar's "Vertigo". Add to that some modern electro touches and top-notch production, and you get a legendary synthpop album in the making!

For complete information and sound samples from Tycho Brahe's "Atlantic", please be sure to check out this page. Stay tuned for pre-ordering details, as well as all other future
developments in the Cohaagen universe.

Also, here's a brief reminder for GANYMEDE's upcoming show in New York City this Saturday night. Here are the details again, be sure not to miss it!

Ganymede, Voxhound, and Strange Attractors live
Saturday, Oct. 22, 10:00 pm
at Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich at Rector, 2nd Floor

And in other interesting Cohaagen news, GANYMEDE's song "Love Games" (from "Euromantique") has been featured on the one and only fansite for the film that inspired it, the little-known 1979 Italian space adventure "The Humanoid," starring Richard Kiel. (Kiel is best known as "Jaws" from the James Bond series.) The guy who runs the site is a big fan of Ganymede and the song, and has even sent the song to Kiel for him to check out! We'll keep you posted on this exciting development in the Cohaagen universe, and you can find more information about the song and the movie that inspired it on the Ganymede page at the Humanoid fansite.

SEPTEMBER 26, 2005:
The next month will see a flurry of Cohaagen Music live performances: two FR/ACTION shows in Pittsburgh and a GANYMEDE show in New York City! As always, anyone interested in booking Cohaagen bands to play in your area
should please feel free to contact us. Here is the info for the shows:

Fr/action, Surviving the Odyssey, and Teardrop live
Friday, Sept. 30, 7:00 pm
at Kiva Han Cafe
420 South Craig Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Fr/action and Surviving the Odyssey live
plus "Entrances through the Ionosphere" art reception
Friday, Oct. 14, 7:00 pm
at Moxie Dada
4510 Liberty Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

Ganymede, Voxhound, and Strange Attractors live
Saturday, Oct. 22, 10:00 pm
at Pussycat Lounge
96 Greenwich at Rector, 2nd Floor

In other news, here is another Fr/action interview to check out, courtesy of YAEW.

MAY 25, 2005:
The rollout of Cohaagen Music titles onto popular digital distribution sites continues! Fr/action's "Last Man Standing" and Nukleon's "Earth Rising" join Ganymede's "Space and Time" on iTunes and MSN Music, among others. The future is here, check out the links below:

Fr/action on iTunes
Nukleon on iTunes
Ganymede on iTunes

(Fr/action fans who buy two or more tracks from the Fr/action CD on iTunes will get free access to the exclusive download section on All you need to do is forward your iTunes receipt to us at, and we will set up a username and password for you.)

MAY 18, 2005:
GANYMEDE will be playing their debut show in New York City this Friday night. It promises to be a great show, produced with Ganymede's new live studio setup, and all you East Coast fans who haven't gotten to see Ganymede live yet should definitely check it out! Here are the details:

Electrofest 2: Synths Are Go!
Friday, May 20th
8 p.m. $10
416 West 14 Street (between 9th Ave & Washington Street)
(It's a showcase night with lots of great bands; Ganymede is scheduled to go on at 11 p.m.)


Also in the Empire State this weekend, there will be a belated FR/ACTION release party Saturday night in Buffalo. "Last Man Standing" CDs and posters will be given away, so be sure not to miss it! Here's the info:

Fr/action Release Party
Saturday May 21st, 11 pm
The Continental Concert Hall and Nite Club
212 Franklin St.
Buffalo, NY 14202
(716) 855-3938


In addition, here is the most elaborate Fr/action interview to date, courtesy the Grave Concerns website.

In other exciting news, Fr/action's "Last Man Standing" has debuted at the #8 spot in this month's official Italian Alternative Chart! World domination is soon to follow.


Lastly, Cohaagen artists have been making many compilation appearances lately. Ganymede's cover of "Sunday Bloody Sunday" is on the new "Ultimate Tribute to U2" CD from Cleopatra, plus Fr/action's "My Heart Goes Bang" and Ganymede's "Lover Come Back To Me" are both on Section 44's "Rocket: A Tribute to Dead Or Alive". Finally, Fr/action's "Ground Zero" is featured on the new German compilation "Electro Steel Corp. Vol. One" from Wire Productions.

APRIL 11, 2004:
We'd like to announce that the international edition of Fr/action's "Last Man Standing" album is now available from the Italian label Decadance Records! The CD is currently making its way to retailers and distributors around the world. This version is slightly different than the domestic version in that it's packaged in a standard jewel-case and contains a bonus remix, meaning that hardcore Fr/action collectors will want to own both! For complete info, please visit the Decadance Records website.

Of course, the North American digipak version of "Last Man Standing" is still available from Cohaagen Music, Amazon, Metropolis, A Different Drum, CDBaby, Storming the Base, and retailers everywhere. All copies of the CD contain a code used to access the exclusive remixes on the Fr/action website, and orders placed directly with Cohaagen Music will include a full-color 11"x17" poster! For complete details, sound samples, and ordering links, please visit Fr/action HQ.

In addition, be sure to check out this new interview with Fr/action, conducted by Hard Wired in the UK.

Also, in GANYMEDE news, the band will be making its New York City debut by headlining Electrofest 2 on May 20th. We're hoping that all Cohaagen fans in the Big Apple will come out and support the band. Here's the info:

Electrofest 2: Synths Are Go!
Friday, May 20th
8 p.m. $10
416 West 14 Street
(between 9th Ave & Washington Street)

Lastly, you may have noticed that this website has been updated to include complete information and downloadable sound samples for all of our releases! Be sure to check out the redesigned releases page in case any of our CDs are missing from your collection.

22 FEBRUARY 2005
Ganymede is excited to announce that after a long hiatus, the band will perform on Tuesday, March 15 in Pittsburgh, PA! The band has been working on a new, computer-and-MIDI-controlled performance setup that will give the show a more expressive live element. Here are the details:

Ganymede with Smash TV and Shawn Rudiman
Tuesday March 15 8 pm all ages
Garfield Artworks 4931 Penn Ave Pittsburgh PA 15224 412-361-2262

Also, New Yorkers should save the date of May 20th, as Ganymede is slated to make its Big Apple debut on that day! Stay tuned for the details on that show.

In FR/ACTION news, here are two new informative interviews: ReGen Magazine and ChainDLK.

Also, FR/ACTION and NUKLEON both now have profiles on Stop on by, check out the tunes, and leave some feedback:

Lastly, March 10 is now the official release date for the international edition of FR/ACTION's "Last Man Standing" album! For complete details, visit the Decadance Records website.

The domestic digipak edition of "Last Man Standing" is currently available from Cohaagen Music. Order directly from Cohaagen today and get access to the "Exclusive" area of the Fr/action website, which contains new Fr/action downloads not available anywhere else! You'll also get a full-color 11"x17" poster along with your album shipment while supplies last. For complete info, sound samples, and ordering links, visit the official Fr/action website.

FEBRUARY 1, 2005:
FR/ACTION's latest album, "Last Man Standing", has been licensed to the Italian label Decadance Records for European and international distribution and will be released in March. You can still order the deluxe American Digipak edition here.

In other news, here's a preview of the artwork for UTOPIA, Cohaagen Music's highly anticipated tribute album to Giorgio Moroder. A tracklist and pre-ordering info will be released shortly ... stay tuned!

AUGUST 3, 2004:
We are excited to announce that FR/ACTION's eagerly awaited new album, "Last Man Standing", is now available! All pre-orders have shipped and the CD will be making its way to retail shortly. For complete info, sound samples, streaming video, and ordering links, be sure to visit the completely redesigned Fr/action website.

JULY 22, 2004:
Space and Time, GANYMEDE's most recent album, is now available digitally from Apple's iTunes music store. Look for future Cohaagen releases to appear on iTunes and other digital music services.

JUNE 29, 2004:
We are excited to announce that FR/ACTION's eagerly awaited new album, "Last Man Standing", is now pre-ordering! The official release date is August 3, but we will send all pre-orders out as soon as we receive the CDs. For complete info, sound samples, streaming video, and ordering links, be sure to visit the completely redesigned Fr/action website.

As an extra incentive, everyone who pre-orders the CD will receive a code via email giving them immediate access to the Exclusive area of the website, featuring bonus remixes and Fr/action downloads. All pre-orders will also receive a full-color 11"x17" "Last Man Standing" poster! To pre-order from Cohaagen, featuring international shipping and secure credit card transactions, please follow this link.

Here is the official press release for the album:


The technopop vigilante is back! Fr/action's new album, "Last Man Standing", is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the 2002 debut, "Crimes of the Future". The story resumes shortly after a nuclear holocaust has decimated the urban battleground of the first album. Now, The Vigilante finds himself fighting for survival in a new and violent post-apocalyptic wasteland.

Musically, "Last Man Standing" presents an ultra-polished perfection of Fr/action's signature style. "Crimes of the Future" became a favorite of DJs across the realms of electro, EBM, and synthpop, and "Last Man Standing" takes this genre synthesis to even greater heights. Propulsive beats fuse with precision-crafted electronics and cinematic lyrics to create an intense, double-barreled dancefloor assault.

"Last Man Standing" also contains two action packed CD-ROM bonus videos, and is presented in a deluxe Digipak. It secures Fr/action's reputation as one of the most exciting and conceptually innovative artists of its kind today.


In other Cohaagen news, please check out the recent updates to the GANYMEDE site and the GARY FLANAGAN site. Both sites have been enhanced with streaming videos and updates!

JANUARY 22, 2004:
We'd like to thank you all for the wonderful support you've given Cohaagen Music over the past two years. We've made a huge splash in the synthpop scene, with high-quality releases and memorable musical moments. We hope to continue that trend in 2004 and beyond!

First, we'd like to remind you to get GANYMEDE's "Space and Time" if you haven't picked up a copy already. We're almost sold out of our first pressing and they're still going out the door quickly. This album has been praised everywhere as one of Ganymede's best efforts, and the reviews are still rolling in, with hip music magazine Outburn giving the 2-disc set a glowing review in its new issue. You can read reviews of the album and hear sound samples at the Ganymede official website.

Next, to celebrate our anniversary, we're putting the "Living on Video" DVD on sale from our site for just $12.99! This premiere synthpop DVD features 20 videos from the best bands in the underground scene, including Ganymede, FR/ACTION, NUKLEON and GARY FLANAGAN. As always, you can purchase this and all other Cohaagen products at our online ordering site.

Next, we'd like to announce an exciting release for 2004: The second Fr/action album, "Last Man Standing," will be released this year, most likely during the summer. David is putting the finishing touches on the music right now, with the vocal recording sessions slated to begin soon. In other news, Fr/action's "Crime Pays" is on Cleopatra's new "Unquiet Grave Vol. 4," the newest entry in their popular series of compilations devoted to showcasing the best new bands in the dark music underground.

Also, we'll have more info soon, including a release date and tracklist, for "Utopia," our tribute to Giorgio Moroder. The CD will feature popular synth bands like Freezepop, Agency-X, as well as Cohaagen artists Ganymede, Fr/action, Nukleon, Simulator, and Gary Flanagan.

One final note: Patrick has debuted his personal blog at Interspersed among his often irrational rants will be inside news on Cohaagen and Ganymede, and shots of the Ganymede studio. Be sure to check it out!

JANUARY 1, 2004:
All of us at Cohaagen would like to thank you for your support over the past year as we look forward to an exciting 2004. Be sure to check back soon for more news on upcoming releases!

SEPTEMBER 30, 2003:
Cohaagen Music is proud to announce that "Space and Time," the new album by analog electropop masters GANYMEDE, is now available! Complete information on the release as well as downloadable sound samples can be found on the official website.

Pre-orders and CD Club subscription copies have already been sent out, and the best way to order is directly from the Cohaagen Music Online Store (featuring secure credit card transactions via CCNow and international shipping).

As an added incentive to purchase your copy from Cohaagen, every order will include a new Cohaagen label sampler CD which features tracks from our first seven releases. The sampler has been beat-mixed for your enjoyment by DJ IZ of Industrial Zoning. Alternately, "Space and Time" is also available from Amazon, Metropolis, A Different Drum, and retailers everywhere.

Those of you in the Southern California area should be sure to make it to the following event:

"Space and Time" listening party and giveaway
Wednesday, October 8th at Transmission
The Parlour Club
7702 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Doors at 10 PM, free admission

In other news, check out GANYMEDE's cover of "Chips On My Shoulder" on " Non-Stop Electro Cabaret," the new Soft Cell tribute album from Cleopatra Records. Other artists on the compilation include Dirty Sanchez, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, and Fairlight Children (Apoptygma Berzerk side project). Also, all five Cohaagen artists have tracks on A Different Drum's massive new "State of Synthpop" 5CD set. Lastly, FR/ACTION has remixed Diverje's "In 2 The Trap" for their popular new " Amphibian" album.

SEPTEMBER 4, 2003:
On September 30th, analog electropop masters GANYMEDE will return with "Space and Time," their first new album in over two years. Once more, they seamlessly combine the past, present, and future of electronic music with this latest refinement of their trademark sound. Every copy of the CD will include an enhanced bonus disc with exclusive tracks, club-friendly remixes, and CD-ROM content including a music video and PC game.

For complete information on Ganymede and the new album, including an exclusive MP3 sample of the song "Hong Kong," be sure to visit the newly redesigned official website at

"Space and Time" will be available from Cohaagen Music, Amazon, Metropolis, A Different Drum, and retail stores everywhere. It is now pre-ordering exclusively from the Cohaagen Music online store. Stay tuned for more news about this highly anticipated release as the September 30th release date approaches.


Also, we've gone through many boxes of Cohaagen's debut DVD, "Living on Video," and we want to make sure everyone gets a copy before we run out. This is the American synthpop underground's first DVD, and it contains videos from bands like Soviet, Freezepop, Blow-up, B!Machine and Neuroactive as well as never-before-seen videos from Cohaagen bands GANYMEDE, NUKLEON, FR/ACTION and GARY FLANAGAN. The DVD is available from the Cohaagen order site and wherever synthpop is sold.


JUNE 3, 2003:
Today is the long-awaited release date for "Living on Video," our first DVD and a major release in the synthpop genre. This is the DVD you've been waiting for, as the biggest names in the underground synth scene have contributed to this special video compilation. From animated love stories to dark journeys through city nightlife, the videos on this DVD set some of the most memorable electronic pop music in recent years to equally evocative imagery.

The DVD includes 20 videos, including clips from Soviet, Freezepop, Cosmicity, Neuroactive, Blow-up, T.H.E.M., Brave New World, Moulin Noir, The Peoples, Axoe, Blue Audio, Null Device, ElectroSquad, Nasa, Neuropa and B!Machine.

Also, the DVD features never-before-seen videos by Cohaagen artists GANYMEDE (new track from the upcoming album!), NUKLEON, FR/ACTION and GARY FLANAGAN.

Featuring fully interactive motion menus, band bios and discographies, newly recorded band commentary on selected tracks, and remastered audio and video, Living on Video is the first release of its kind, and a must-have for any synth and electropop fan! The DVD is region-free and NTSC, meaning that it will play on any standard DVD player.

These are going to go out the door quickly, so here's the direct link to our ordering page to get your copy today:

Also, you can check out the microsite we created especially for this DVD release, which features a trailer in Windows Media and Quicktime formats:


While you're ordering the Living on Video DVD, also check out the NUKLEON debut album, "Earth Rising," which is Cohaagen's latest CD release. It has been getting praise from all over the electronic music world for its unique songwriting and powerful vocals.

Here's what Danny King from Synthetic Vision and ElectroGarden had to say:

"At this early stage of the year we are already been treated to some excellent Synth Pop releases, .Earth Rising. is clearly one of them and will easily be among one of the best Synth Pop albums you will hear this


GANYMEDE's new album, "Space and Time," is getting close to completion. Instead of releasing any pre-album singles, we plan to put the album out as a 2CD set later this summer, including a bonus disc packed with exclusive tracks, remixes, and CD-ROM content.

Look for the re-launch of the official Ganymede website with complete info about the album soon!


FR/ACTION has completed a club-ready remix for the electro band Blow-Up, featuring Deborah Harry from Blondie on lead vocals. The remix can be found on their American debut CD/LP, "Exploding Plastic Pleasure," which hits stores everywhere this week. Fr/action's "Guardian (Club Mix)" also appears on Ninthwave Records' new "Electricity II" compilation along with NUKLEON's " Homewrecker" and GANYMEDE's ASA-winning remix of ElectroSquad's "Moment of Truth."

APRIL 8, 2003:
Today is the release date for NukleoN's stunning debut album, "Earth Rising." The CD features 10 all-new tracks of synthpop perfection, melding danceable and catchy tunes with a powerful vocal style. Highlights include the hit "Lucky," which appeared on Moonshine Music's "Electro Nouveau" compilation, as well as the playful "Homewrecker" and the epic closing track, "One More Day." Click here for the official promo sheet; you can also find more information at NukleoN's official site.

The CD is available or will be available shortly from Metropolis, Amazon, A Different Drum, and wherever synthpop is sold. The best way to get your copy quickly is to order through the Cohaagen online store.

As a special bonus, all orders through the Cohaagen online store will receive a copy of the Fr/action "Vigilante E.P." while supplies last! The Cohaagen store processes orders as secure transactions through CCNow. We give great shipping rates on international orders as well.


In other release news, pre-ordering info on the "Living on Video" DVD, including a release date, will be available shortly. The DVD is the first of its kind in the synthpop world, and promises to be one of the biggest releases of the year. Featuring both classic and brand-new videos, this scene-spanning collection includes clips from Soviet, Freezepop, B!Machine, Neuroactive, Blow-Up, Axoe, Moulin Noir, Cosmicity, Neuropa, Electrosquad, Ganymede, NukleoN, Fr/action, and many others! All the videos have been digitally remastered and are presented with optimal sound and full DVD picture quality. In addition, some of the videos feature all-new commentaries from the band members recorded exclusively for this DVD!

As we said, stay tuned for more news shortly on this exciting release.


In shows news, our "Cohaagen showcase" night in Seattle scheduled for May 21st has been cancelled due to a club format change. We are hoping to re-schedule for later in the year.

But never fear, we'd like to announce a new "Cohaagen showcase" performance, this time in the Bay Area! Fr/action and NukleoN will be appearing along with B!Machine at the 11th annual Volkswagen charity auto show in Sunnyvale, CA on May 4th. Here are the details, we hope to see you there:

Fr/action, NukleoN, and B! Machine live
Sunday, May 4th, show at 12:00 noon
Twin Creeks Sports Complex
969 Caribbean Drive, Sunnyvale, CA

MARCH 4, 2003:
Cohaagen Music would like to announce that the second pressing of FR/ACTION's popular futurepop album, "Crimes of the Future," is now available. The album is now presented as a 2CD Special Edition: Disc 1 is a the original album, and Disc 2 is the all-new "Vigilante E.P.," featuring 5 exclusive tracks. For complete information, please visit the official Fr/action website.

While on the website, be sure to check out the updated reviews section (including the 9/10-score review from the new issue of Outburn Magazine, which calls the CD a "futurepop concept album of the highest caliber"). Also, we're presenting a new sample MP3 for download, an excerpt from the fan-favorite track "Crime Pays." Full-length streaming versions of all three promo tracks are available on the Fr/action site.

An important note: Most of our distributors still have the original pressing of "Crimes of the Future" in stock, and will receive the 2CD Special Edition when they re-order. Until then, the 2CD edition is available exclusively from the Cohaagen Music Online Store (featuring international shipping and secure processing through CCNow).

All of those who already purchased "Crimes of the Future" are entitled to a free copy of the 5-track bonus EP that now makes up the "Special Edition." Please email us at with the your name and address, along with the UPC code of the CD and where you bought the CD.


In other exciting news, we have begun pre-ordering NUKLEON's highly anticipated debut album, "Earth Rising." The CD features 10 amazing tracks of danceable, energetic electropop combined with clever lyrics and a powerful vocal style. The promo track "Lucky" caused quite a stir in the scene, and the rest of the album will not disappoint. The official release date is April 8th, and by pre-ordering now you will receive the CD as soon as we get it in our hands. For complete information on NukleoN and the release, please visit the official website.


In shows news, there are two upcoming Cohaagen live events of note:

First, be sure not to miss the first-ever live Fr/action performance. The details follow, and please contact us if you would like to book Fr/action as well:

Fr/action live at Metamorfico
Thursday, March 6th, show at midnight
The Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, California

Next, we've just confirmed a date for another first-ever event: a Cohaagen "showcase" night featuring performances from Fr/action, NukleoN, and Ganymede. This will also be our first-ever show in beautiful Seattle, Washington. Here's the info:

Fr/action, NukleoN, Ganymede live at Hybrid
Wednesday, May 21st, time TBA
Noiselab, 925 E. Pike St.
Seattle, Washington

JANUARY 7, 2003:
We are proud to announce that this month we celebrate one busy year of operation of Cohaagen Music. We'd like to sincerely thank all of our fans and supporters for making 2002 such a success. (See below for a re-cap of last year's releases and a special promotional offer.)

This year promises to be just as exciting, with some highly anticipated releases as well as some brand new projects. Here is what you can look forward to:

--The first release of the year will be NUKLEON's long-awaited debut album, "Earth Rising," slated for March 2003. The CD features 10 all-new productions, and promises to be a synthpop classic. The promo song "Lucky" has gotten fawning praise from all over the electronic music spectrum, and the rest of the album does not disappoint; It's an intelligent synthesis of danceable, energetic synthpop combined with clever lyrics and a powerful vocal style. Three songs from the CD can be heard at

--Next, GANYMEDE will appear with their first new material since the acclaimed "Euromantique" album. Coming in late spring will be a pre-album double-single, with the album "Space and Time" to follow in the summer.

--Also on the slate for 2003 is something fans have been waiting for, a DVD collection of synthpop videos. The DVD will feature hard-to-find videos from bands all over the scene, including Neuroactive, Cosmicity, Neuropa, Axoe, B!Machine, ElectroSquad, Moulin Noir, and many others. The videos are presented with interactive menus and biographies as well as re-mastered sound and picture for optimum quality.

--Coming in the fall will be "Utopia: A Tribute to Giorgio Moroder," a CD featuring top synthpop and electro bands covering songs from the Godfather of Computer Disco, Giorgio Moroder.

For those of you just catching up with Cohaagen, here's a recap of last year's releases:

--March saw our first release, the compilation "EVOLUTION: The New Breed of Electronic Pop". Now in its second pressing, it continues to sell steadily among people eager to catch up on the emerging new wave of electropop stars.

--In May we released the album "Enter the Unknown" by SIMULATOR. People were blown away by Ross Beall's programming mastery, and the CD went on to receive unanimously positive reviews.

--FR/ACTION's album "Crimes of the Future" followed in August, which continues to make new fans all the time for its futurepop-style blending of club-friendly EBM, synthpop, and electro.

--October saw the album "Future Fashion" by GARY FLANAGAN. Fans of retro synthpop found reason to celebrate as Gary's new wave stylings took them right back to 1981.

As a special limited-time offer, you can get the "Catching up with Cohaagen" 4-CD pack for just $37. Click here to order!

Cohaagen CDs are available at all your favorite online synthpop outlets, including A Different Drum,,, Hot Stuff (Europe), and retail stores like Rasputin Music (Bay area), Poobah Records and Amoeba Music (Los Angeles), Off the Record (San Diego), and others.

DECEMBER 22, 2002:
Thanks to all the fans who have helped make 2002 a great first year for Cohaagen Music! We'll be announcing our exciting 2003 releases during our One-year Anniversary celebration in January, so please check back then for complete details. 

Also, GANYMEDE will be playing two shows in Southern California in January. The band will be debuting its long-awaited new material. Check out Planet Ganymede for all the latest info!

NOVEMBER 12, 2002:
Today is the release date of "Electro Nouveau", a new compilation from electronica giant Moonshine which features tracks from Cohaagen Music artists GARY FLANAGAN, NUKLEON, and GANYMEDE! Also included on the release are nu-electro heavyweights such as Ladytron, Felix Da Housecat, Bis, and Miss Kittin. The CD has major distribution (you should be able to find it in your local mall), so we're very excited about our music reaching a wider audience than ever before. Special thanks to Dave Richards for hooking us up with this opportunity, and Moonshine Music for selecting our tracks. Be sure to buy a copy today! For complete info check out Moonshine's website.

Also released today is "Don't Hold Your Breath," the debut single from Agency-X, the collaboration between David Mahr and Lars of Avant Garde. Track 2 on the single is the "Yellow Magic Mix" of the song by Ganymede. Check out Delicious Records for more info.

In media news, check out the new issue of Side-Line magazine for a very positive review of FR/ACTION's "Crimes of the Future". They write that "This is heavenly food for the pop-lovers! A real fascinating new
formation in electro-pop land!" GARY FLANAGAN's "Future Fashion" has also gotten glowing reviews so far on the Electrogarden, Re-flexion, and E-lectric websites.


We also have some exciting live events to announce, be sure to check out the ones in your area:

Gary Flanagan CD release party and performance
Saturday, November 23rd, 8:00 PM
Whitebone Lounge, UNBSJ
Saint John, NB

Fr/action CD release party at Spy w/DJ Kenny
Tuesday, November 26th
400 South First Street
Downtown San Jose, CA

Fr/action CD release party at Les Tontons Flingueurs
Friday, November 29th, 10:00 PM
61 Rue Forzeau
Templeuve, Belgium

OCTOBER 22, 2002:
Cohaagen Music is proud to announce that GARY FLANAGAN's "Future Fashion" album is now available! The CD is a sincere and authentic ode to the classic analog electro sound of yore, with enough freshness to make it relevant and hip in today's electronic music scene. The album was produced by GANYMEDE, and also includes two club-ready remixes by fellow Cohaagen artists FR/ACTION and SIMULATOR. For complete information and sound samples, please visit the official Gary Flanagan website.

The best way to order the CD, both domestic and international, is directly from the Cohaagen Music online store. Alternately, it can be ordered from Amazon here.

Here is an incomplete and ever-growing list of other outlets where you can find this and other Cohaagen Music CDs: Metropolis Records, A Different Drum, CDStreet, IsoTank, DSBP, GEMM, Music Non Stop (UK), Hot Stuff (Sweden), SPR (Germany), Storming the Base/ArtOfFact (Canada), CD Gold (Japan), Eide's Entertainment (Pittsburgh), Rasputin Music (Bay Area), Streetlight Records (San Jose), PooBah Records (Pasadena), Amoeba Music (Hollywood), Vinyl Fetish (Los Angeles), and Off The Record (San Diego). Be sure to place your order today!

For those fans in and around Gary's Canadian home turf of St. John, New Brunswick, Gary will be appearing on a special "on-air" radio release party for the CD this Friday night! It will air on CFMH 92.5 FM from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. Atlantic time.

Please email us if you would like to feature Gary in your publication or on your radio show. There are two addtional release parties for the album coming up in Toronto and Miami, plus one in Los Angeles we'd like to announce:

Gary Flanagan release party at Transmission
Wednesday, October 23rd, doors at 10pm
The Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, California


In FR/ACTION news, the giveaway on Saturday at Club ElecTrick in Los Angeles went well, plus we have two final release parties coming up in France and San Jose. Please visit the updated Fr/action website to read a new interview courtesy Darker Than The Bat, and two rave reviews of the "Crimes of the Future" album from Electrogarden and Re/Volt:


Also, be sure to read this truly special review of GANYMEDE's "Euromantique." The album's popularity continues to grow, and we're thrilled that new fans are discovering it all the time.

OCTOBER 15, 2002:
Gary Flanagan's Future Fashion ships next week and pre-orders are now being taken from Amazon and CDStreet!

Click here to pre-order from CCNow
Click here to pre-order from Amazon

Check out Gary's new official site,, for all the current info on this exciting new CD!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2002
The FR/ACTION debut album, "Crimes of the Future," and SIMULATOR's "Enter the Unknown" are now being carried by Metropolis Records, which opens up many doors of distribution opportunities. If you have a favorite store or website that does not yet carry Fr/action or Simulator, please let them know that the CD can be ordered from Metropolis or directly from Cohaagen Music.

For those of you in Europe, CDs are now available at Hot Stuff in Sweden, and will soon be at Music Non Stop in England. All Cohaagen releases can still be ordered from Amazon, A Different Drum, and the Cohaagen Online Store. Be sure to pick up a copy today!

- Exposure: Many positive reviews of "Crimes of the Future" have already been appearing. Re-flexion in Germany gives the CD a perfect 5/5 score, and Moving Hands magazine in Sweden writes that "the music is so catchy and well produced that it at times send chills down my spine... it is not often that you hear such a well put together debut album. I wonder if they can top this." Fr/action tracks have been receiving club and radio play around the world, and we are told that the reaction has been great. Many thanks go out to all the DJs and publications that have been supporting the release.

- Release parties: We heard that the Fr/action release party in Miami on August 30th was a great success, thanks to DJ Dino for arranging the event. There are three more release parties scheduled this month, here are the details:

Fr/action CD giveaway at Transmission
Wednesday, September 11th, doors at 10pm
The Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, California

Fr/action CD giveaway at Satellite
Saturday, September 14th, doors at 9pm
Club Fais Do-Do, 5257 W. Adams Blvd.
Los Angeles, California

Fr/action CD giveaway at The Vatikan
Friday, September 20th, doors at 10pm
1032 Queen St. West (near Ossington)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Thanks go out to DJ Liz, DJ Frankie, and DJ Human Clone for their amazing support. Anyone interested in scheduling a release party should contact us.


In other news, there is an exciting GANYMEDE performance happening next Wednesday in Los Angeles. Here are the details, and we hope to see you there:

Ganymede performance at Transmission
Wednesday, September 18th, show at 11pm
The Parlour Club, 7702 Santa Monica Blvd.
West Hollywood, California


Finally, stay tuned for complete information on GARY FLANAGAN's album "Future Fashion" in the coming weeks. The CD is destined to be a favorite among fans of catchy, retro-style analog electropop everywhere.

AUGUST 13, 2002
Sadly, the FR/ACTION and NUKLEON show scheduled for this Friday in southern California has been cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control. However, we are planning an alternate release party for Crimes of the Future later this month in the Bay area, and we are in talks to do a "Cohaagen Showcase" performance soon as well. Stay tuned for more info, and be sure to pick up Crimes of the Future on August 20th.

AUGUST 4, 2002
The release date for the highly anticipated FR/ACTION album, Crimes of the Future, is coming up fast. August 20th is the street date, and we're expecting brisk sales on this title. The first samples from Crimes of the Future have spent several weeks at the top of the charts on Electrogarden.

A few lucky fans will have the chance to purchase the CD at FR/ACTION's debut show in Los Angeles on August 16th. FR/ACTION will be opening for fellow Cohaagen artist NUKLEON at Electron, a club night at the Hully Gully in Downey. Here's the info:

NukleoN and Fr/action live at Hully Gully
Friday, August 16th
9559 E. Imperial Hwy. Downey, CA
9 PM until 2 AM

JULY 11, 2002
There's an exciting GANYMEDE show happening at Satellite in Los Angeles this Saturday. The venue and sound system are great, so we have high hopes of this being the biggest and best Ganymede show yet. Please be sure to come and show your support for us and DJ Frankie's amazing club. Here are the complete details:

Ganymede live at Satellite
Saturday, July 13th
Fais Do-Do
5257 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
9 PM until 2 AM, show at 11 PM

SCHEDULE CHANGE: The SIMULATOR "Enter the Unknown" release party in Toronto originally scheduled for Friday will now take place on Saturday. Reviews for the CD have been unanimously great, if you haven't checked it out yet you don't know what you're missing. Here's the info:

Simulator release party
Saturday, July 13th
The Vatikan
1032 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON
Doors open at 10 PM, No Cover. + 19 w/ ID

In upcoming news, August looks to be another exciting month for Cohaagen Music. We will release FR/ACTION's hotly anticipated futurepop album "Crimes of the Future," and there will be a "Cohaagen spotlight" concert on August 16th at the Hully Gully in Downey, CA, featuring the first ever performances by NUKLEON and FR/ACTION. Mark your calendars now!

JUNE 12, 2002
All of you currently enjoying the dark, hard-hitting sounds of SIMULATOR's "Enter the Unknown" will also be excited about the latest addition to the Cohaagen Music roster:

FR/ACTION is a new futurepop artist that brings a style of its own to the genre. Combining the best elements of synthpop, EBM, and trance, Fr/action specializes in dark melodies, tight sequences, and beats ready to explode on the dance floor.

Cohaagen Music will release Fr/action's debut album, "Crimes of the Future," in the Summer of 2002. With lyrics that take you on a journey of vigilantism, street crime, and nocturnal urban decay, the CD is a concept album that contains many songs with the potential to become future club staples.

To hear sample tracks, visit the Fr/action page at

--- In other Cohaagen news, there are two very exciting GANYMEDE shows coming up in the Los Angeles area. Be sure not to miss these events:

Ganymede and Monolithic live at Hully Gully
Friday, June 21st
9559 E. Imperial Hwy. Downey, CA
9 PM until 2 AM

Ganymede live at Satellite
Saturday, July 13th
5257 W. Adams Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
9 PM until 2 AM, show at 10:30 PM

Also for those of you in Los Angeles, the "Evolution" compilation will be given away tonight at Transmission:

The Parlour Club
Wednesday, June 12th
7702 Santa Monica Blvd. Los Angeles, CA
Doors at 10 PM

Also, there's an exclusive Ganymede remix available for download from It's Ganymede's own Club Mix of the great song "Love Games" from Euromantique. Be sure to check it out!

David from Ganymede and Ross from Simulator will be attending the Synthpop Goes the World festival in Toronto at the end of June. Be sure to find them and say hi!

MAY 28, 2002
It was great seeing so many of you at Synthcon, which turned out to be lots of fun despite all the troubles. As always, there is lots of news in the world of Cohaagen Music:

First and foremost, today is the official release date of SIMULATOR's debut album, "Enter the Unknown"! This amazing CD features 12 solid tracks of dark, melodic electronic perfection, as well as guest vocals by Frank J. Freda of the popular synthpop band Brand New Idol. It can be ordered directly from Amazon here:

The CD will also be carried at A Different Drum, Metropolis, and synthpop retailers everywhere. We sold a bunch of copies at Synthcon, and everyone was coming back to us telling us how much they loved it. Be sure to order your copy today! To read a great pre-release review on the Grave Concerns website, go here:

In other exciting news, GANYMEDE received the 2002 American Synthpop Award for "Best Remix" for their remix of ElectroSquad's "Moment of Truth"! Thanks so much to everyone who voted for us, winning this award was a great honor. The award-winning remix is available for exclusive download on the official ElectroSquad website.

GANYMEDE is also scheduled to play live at the opening night of Electron on June 21st at Hully Gully's, which is the same club that Synthcon was relocated to. The location is 9559 E Imperial Hwy in Downey, CA, doors open from 9pm until 2am. We hope to see all of our Southern California fans there!

In addition, Cohaagen Music has just pressed a free label sampler along with Ninthwave Records. The CD contains sample tracks from both current and forthcoming releases from Cohaagen and Ninthwave, and was given away to everyone who attended Synthcon. As an incentive to order CDs directly from Cohaagen Music, we will include a copy of this sampler with every order placed on this website. Additionally, the Cohaagen tracks from the sampler can be heard on the new Cohaagen Music artist page on

We also have two new release parties to announce. First, the Cohaagen/Ninthwave label sampler will be given out at a party in Belgium on May 31st, complete details can be found here: Then, on June 7th, the "Evolution" compilation will be given out at The Vatikan in Toronto:

As a special treat, here are two photos from Synthcon. First, a pic of simulator's Ross W. Beall autographing copies of his new CD.

Here's a photo of (l to r) simulator's Ross W. Beall, NukleoN's Dan Burke, and Cohaagen's Patrick Runkle and David Friede.

MAY 5, 2002
The long-awaited debut album from simulator, "Enter the Unknown," is now pre-ordering from CDStreet and Amazon! Check out the simulator page on this site to see a tracklist and hear MP3 samples from the new disc.

We couldn't be more excited with how the simulator project turned out, and we're sure all fans of electronic music will be blown away by this album.

The CD will debut at Synthcon in Los Angeles over Memorial Day weekend on its way to a street date of May 28, 2002. Ross W. Beall, the musical genius behind simulator, will be appearing at the Cohaagen Music table signing copies of the new CD. If you can make it to Synthcon, be sure to stop by and pick up your copy there. If you won't be there, be sure to pre-order the CD today to ensure that you'll get your copy as soon as possible!

Also, there are two release parties for "Evolution" coming up in North America. The first will take place in Miami on Friday, May 10th. The name of the club is Venus Room, and it's at the Coliseum, 2520 S. Miami Rd. Spinning will be DJ Dino & DJ Falstaff with special guest DJ Carlos Atomic! Doors open 10p.m.-4a.m. The second release party will take place soon at Club Vatikan in Toronto. Stay tuned for details on that one.

APRIL 10, 2002
Thanks to everyone who has already picked up a copy of "Evolution," we couldn't be happier with the reaction we've gotten so far. If there are any club DJs on this list that would like to host an "Evolution" release party, or any publications that would like to run a feature on Cohaagen Music, please email us at

Secondly, voting for the 2002 American Synthpop Awards ends on April 15th, so time is running out if you have not yet voted. Please consider placing your votes for Cohaagen artists GANYMEDE and SIMULATOR at the following address:

In other compilation news, Cohaagen artists GANYMEDE, NUKLEON, and GARY FLANAGAN have contributed exclusive tracks to a new CD entitled "United Synthpop Artists - A Tribute To America." Profits from CD sales will be donated to the Robin Hood Relief Fund, and the album is now available from synthpop retailers everywhere. Find out more at the following address:

Stay tuned for release info for SIMULATOR's debut album "Enter the Unknown," this is a CD destined to create major waves among electronic music fans everywhere.

MARCH 12, 2002
We are very excited to announce that Cohaagen Music's debut release, "Evolution - The New Breed of Electronic Pop," is now available!

Pre-orders have already been shipped, and the CD is on sale at Amazon, Metropolis, A Different Drum, and synthpop retailers everywhere. The best place to order is from CDStreet at the following address:

This compilation represents the "new breed" of electronic pop, featuring many of today's hottest rising synthpop stars from around the globe as well as some new bands that will be making their presence felt in the near future. The tracks here illustrate the great variety the synthpop genre has to offer, ranging from melancholy to uplifting in mood, laid-back to energetic in tempo, and retro to modern in sound. The common elements are that all of the songs selected for this release are exclusive, original, and of the highest quality.

The complete tracklist is as follows:

1. Ganymede "The Final Year [Club Mix]"
2. The Mourning After "Listen to My Heart [Ninthwave Mix]"
3. Soviet "Bank Holiday"
4. NukleoN "Sometimes"
5. Freezepop "Tender Lies [Single Version]"
6. Gary Flanagan "Summertime"
7. ElectroSquad "Dorian Gray"
8. Raindancer "I Believe in You"
9. Axoe "The Well"
10. Empire State Human "Post Madonna"
11. Strange Angels "(You Make Me Feel) Alive [Ganymede Remix]"
12. Blind Before Dawn "Angel with Broken Wing [eloquent mix]"
13. Karacter "Marathon"
14. The Mystic Underground "Oxygen"
15. simulator "Moments Away"

Cohaagen Artist Updates:

--GANYMEDE has been nominated in nearly every category for the American Synthpop Awards, which will be presented at the 2nd annual Synthcon in May. Ganymede is nominated for Best U.S. Band, Best Song (for "Neon Rain"), Best Album (for Euromantique), and a surprise double nomination in the Best Remix category (once for simulator's remix of Ganymede's "Legacy" and once for Ganymede's remix of ElectroSquad's "Moment of Truth"). Please show your support for the band by voting at the Synthcon Awards page.

--SIMULATOR's debut album, scheduled for release at Synthcon, is coming along quite nicely. The master is scheduled to arrive at Cohaagen Music soon. In addition, simulator picked up two American Synthpop Award nominations, one for Best New Band and one for remixing Ganymede's "Legacy." Don't forget to vote!

--GARY FLANAGAN's debut album, Future Fashion, is on track for a late summer 2002 release. Gary's vocals have been recorded, and final mixing is set to take place soon. Ganymede is handling the production for this album. Also, Gary's official site,, will be online shortly!

--NUKLEON is working diligently on new material for his album. Don't forget to check out the new version of his hit track "Sometimes" on Evolution.

FEBRUARY 15, 2002
We are proud to announce that Cohaagen Music's debut release, "Evolution: The New Breed of Electronic Pop," is now pre-ordering from this website as well as at the following address:

The street date is March 12, 2002. This exciting compilation features all-exclusive tracks from 15 of the hottest rising bands in the modern synthpop scene. The music illustrates the great variety the genre has to offer, as well as shows the promise of things to come from the Cohaagen label. Check out the links above to find out more, or click this button to pre-order now:

Cohaagen artist updates:

- GANYMEDE's "Neon Rain" has won the "Single of the Year" prize in the 2001 Electrogarden Community Awards. This is a great honor, and we thank everyone who showed their support by voting. We'd like to remind you that voting for the American Synthpop Award nominations is continuing through the end of February, so please consider supporting Ganymede by voting at the following address:

- SIMULATOR has completed the first vocal recording session with Frank J. Freda of Brand New Idol for his debut album. Work reportedly went very well, and we can promise you that this is one CD that will blow everyone away. The album is on track for a release at Synthcon 2002 in May. There is also a new simulator Yahoo Group that we encourage you all to join:

- GARY FLANAGAN has completed recording his vocals for his album "Future Fashion." The CD will be released in the summer, and is shaping up to be the ultimate retro-analog electropop album. Look for the launch of the official Gary Flanagan website soon.

- NUKLEON is busy writing material for his debut album, to be released later in the year. Having heard demos of the new tracks, we are excited to announce that they are easily some of his best material yet.

To stay on top of all the Cohaagen Music news, please be sure to check the official website often.

JANUARY 15, 2002 launch date. is the center for info on Cohaagen Music, an independent record label associated with Ninthwave Records and an ASCAP-affiliated publisher of electronic music. Cohaagen Music would like to take this opportunity to announce its 2002 signings and current release slate.

Our first release, dropping on March 12, 2002, is Evolution, a 15-track electronic pop sampler. The CD features exclusive tracks from exciting new synth artists like Ganymede, simulator, NukleoN, Gary Flanagan, The Mourning After, Axoe, Electrosquad, Soviet and others. It will be available from A Different Drum, Metropolis, Amazon, and synthpop retailers everywhere.

The rest of 2002 promises great releases from our solo artists. Currently signed to Cohaagen Music are simulator, Gary Flanagan, NukleoN, and Ganymede. Visit the Artists & Releases page for complete info.

Please be sure to check back regularly for updates.